7 Awesome Retirement Gifts for Golfers – Memorable Retirement Gifts

· 7 Awesome Retirement Gifts for Golfers · Three Under Par - $19.99 · Driver Drink Caddy - $49.99 · 9 Can Hideaway Golf Cooler - $19.99 · Golf Academy 

For many retirement is synonymous with golf, so why not commemorate their years of service with a retirement gift that fits their golfers mentality. We like to think that golf in retirement is about is having a great relaxing time on the course while maybe getting better and definitely not losing all your balls. These 7 retirement gifts for golfers should definitely appeal to the retiree that pictures his better days in the fairway (most likely in the woods).

Three Under Par – $19.99

Some retirees take golf seriously and with that they like to have great equipment to go along with their sweet swing. The Three Under Par shoe bag is an essential item for an seriously stylish golfer. The bag can be personalized with three initials in a ariety of thread colors.

Driver Drink Caddy – $49.99

I love to have a few beers when I golf as it calms my nerves, but for some they need something a bit stronger to keep them from going crazy on the course. Sure you could give them an awesome caricature flask, but an even more unique gift for a golf loving retiree is a drink dispenser that looks like a driver.

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Unique Retirement Gift for Golfers - Drink Driver Caddy

9 Can Hideaway Golf Cooler – $19.99

In retirement it is essential to stay within a budget and nothing breaks the bank quicker than buying a 6 pack of beer from the beer cart for $30. On top of the ridiculous cost of beer on a golf course, the beer cart notoriously is always 3 holes ahead of you. Most golf courses have a “no cooler” policy which makes the 9 Can Hideaway Golf Cooler the perfect gift to sneak a few frosty beverages onto the course.

Retirement Gift for Golfers - Hideaway Cooler

Golf Academy Plaque – $24.99

This is the perfect retirement gift for someone who loves golf, has a great sense of humor, and believes that the rules of golf were made to be broken. This plaque can be personalized with the retiree’s first and last name and choice of one of three hysterical golf lesson sets.

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Retirement Gift - Golf Academy Plaque

Mug O’ Life – Golfer – $29.99

Celebrate your pals retirement with a unique caricature coffee mug. It’s as easy as sending in a photo and electing a few design elements. Within two weeks you’ll have a draft of the caricature for your approval and two weeks after that your mug appears at your door ready to be gifted to your new retired friend.

Caricature Mug Golf 3 grande

Golf Bobblehead – $64.00

Know someone that is retiring, loves golf and has a big head (figuratively or literally)? Well why not make that huge head bobble by having a one of a kind personalized bobblehead created as a retirement gift.

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Retirement Gift - Golf Bobblehead

Dozen Customized Golf Balls – $49.99

These 12 Calloway golf balls come printed with the saying “Retirement…..good bye tension, hello pension”. Hopefully the retiree isn’t one of those golfers who loose a dozen balls a round.

Retirement Gift - Customized Golf Balls

Retirement Novelty Golf Ball – 3 Pack – $14.95

This is the perfect gift for any golfer who is ready to retire. Each ball has a different expression; “Happy Retirement”, “Goodbye tension – Hello pension” and “Workforce to Golf-course”. These are three high quality dual core golf balls, not just for fun, they are meant for professional performance, so what are you waiting for?

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