Best Dog Liability & Health Insurance in Germany [2022 Guide]

· Quick Comparison of the Best Dog Insurances in Germany · Getsafe – good liability insurance, covers up to 50 million euros, with no deductible 

If you want to move with your dog to or buy a dog in Germany, you need to be aware that you might need two insurance types for your four-legged friend: dog liability insurance and health insurance.

In this guide, we will explain the difference between liability and health insurance for dogs. We will also share what are the best dog insurances in Germany for expats. We hope this guide helps you decide whether to get one or both insurances for your dog while you live in Germany.

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Quick Comparison of the Best Dog Insurances in Germany

If you are short on time, and just want an answer. Here are the best pet insurances in Germany:

  1. Getsafe – good liability insurance, covers up to 50 million euros, with no deductible possible, and everything available in English.
  2. Luko – dog liability and pet health insurance with or without a deductible. All in English and all digital.
  3. PETPROTECT – good German dog health insurance. Three different tariffs with no deductible as an option. Only available in German.

Dog Liability Insurance in Germany – Everything You Need to Know

Dog liability insurance in Germany covers the financial damages caused by a person’s four-legged friend to a third party.

In Germany, every dog owner is legally liable for the damages caused by their pet to third parties – even if the owner is not present while the dog causes trouble or if someone else is looking after them. You will need to purchase dog liability insurance as your private liability insurance will not help you in these cases.

For example, you enter a shop and leave your dog Lukas outside. Lukas is tired and decides to lie down on the floor, directly in front of the door. A customer from the shop exits and does not see that Lukas is there, trips, and falls. She sues the owner for 15.000 euros. In court, the judge rules that the owner should pay this amount. If the owner does not have dog liability insurance, they need to pay from their pocket.

No matter how well behaved your furry friend might be, shit always happens. According to the Federation of Private Insurers in Germany (GDV), every year, dog liability insurance companies pay over 80.000 euros worth of damages caused by four-legged friends. On average, such damages cost around 1.000 euros. However, there are around 100 accidents per year that cost 50.000 euros and more.

Who needs dog liability insurance in Germany?

Dog owners in Germany are legally liable for the damages caused by their dog to third parties in all sixteen German states.

Six out of the sixteen German states require dog owners, regardless of their dog breeds, to have liability insurance by law: Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, and Thuringia. Each of these states has a different minimum required for the damages the policy has to cover.

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In most other federal states, only dog owners of dangerous breeds have to have dog liability insurance. Dangerous dogs might include American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Pit Bull Terrier.

Remember, even if your state does not require you to have dog liability insurance, you are still liable for any damage your dog might cause.

What does dog liability insurance cover in Germany?

Dog liability insurance in Germany usually covers the following five areas:

  1. Personal injury: The costs of medical care a third-party needs because your dog caused them harm. For example, your dog bites your neighbor.
  2. Property damage: The costs of repairing damages your dog did to buildings, flats, living quarters, or other property.
  3. Broken things: The cost of repairing or replacing things your dog breaks, like chewing a friend’s shoe or breaking a fancy flower pot.
  4. Financial loss: Any situation where your dog caused a financial loss to someone. For example, your dog causes someone to be late for a business meeting, and they lose a contract with a client.
  5. Passive legal fees: The legal and lawyer fees you might incur for fighting an unjustified claim in court.

Good liability insurances will also include:

  1. Worldwide coverage: Dog liability insurance from a German provider usually covers your dog for all stays outside Germany.
  2. Without leash: Damages caused by your dog when they are without a leash.
  3. Self-defense: Damages caused by your dog because they defend themselves.
  4. Bad debt protection: If the dog owner who hurt your dog does not have insurance, your dog liability insurance will cover the costs.
  5. Foreign guardian: The insurance would still cover the damages your dog causes even if a friend or family member is watching over them.

Depending on the insurance provider, you can purchase the following add-ons:

  1. Unintentional mating: If a male dog mates with a female dog without the owner’s permission, the owner of the male dog must pay for the damages that arise due to the unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Damage to rented property: For example, your dog pees in a rental car.
  3. Puppies: This applies to female dogs; their offspring have liability protection for up to six or twelve months (depends on the insurance provider). This does not apply if the puppy is given to someone else.
  4. Dog health insurance (with surgeries included): covers the vet’s bills for medically treating your dog.

What does dog liability insurance not cover in Germany?

Most dog liability insurances do not cover:

  1. Specific dog breeds: Some insurance providers have a list of dog breeds not covered by the policy.
  2. Damages to your property: If your dog damages your property or accidentally injures you or people living in the same house as you.
  3. Intentional damages: For example, if someone intentionally commands their dog to attack someone.
  4. Wear and tear: For example, if your dog scratches the parquet floor in your apartment with their long nails every day. Your dog would cause wear and tear to your floor and therefore the insurance would not cover this.
  5. Glass damage: In case your dog breaks mirrors or glass doors.
  6. Some electrical appliances: Damages to heating and electrical and gas appliances.

Dog Health Insurance in Germany – Everything You Need to Know

A visit to the vet is unavoidable if you have a dog. Whether it is for a general check-up, to get vaccines, or due to an accident or illness. The bills you get from such visits can sometimes be thousands of euros.

If you don’t want to pay for your dog’s visits to the vet from your pocket, we recommend purchasing dog health insurance.

There are two types of dog medical insurances in Germany:

  • Dog health insurance
  • Dog surgery insurance

🔥 Tip: If you want to have your dog covered against all medical costs and possible surgeries, you should consider getting premium insurance that covers both cases.

What does dog health insurance cover in Germany?

Dog health insurance in Germany usually covers the following five areas:

  1. Outpatient and inpatient treatments: for example, an ear infection.
  2. Checkups: For example, to get vaccinations.
  3. Medicine
  4. Diagnostics: for example, x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds.
  5. Accommodation in a veterinary clinic.

💡 Good to know: Most dog health insurances allow you to choose whichever vet you pick to treat your four-legged friend.

Things to consider before purchasing a medical insurance for your dog:

  1. Age and breed: Be aware that your dog’s age and breed will have an influence on the price of the policy. The younger your dog is, the cheaper medical insurance policies tend to be.
  2. Vet fees: In Germany, there is an official fee schedule for veterinarians (a.k.a. GOT), which is set by the government. Vets are allowed to charge up to 3 times the amount established in the GOT. So make sure that your insurance explicitly shows that they will pay for claims that are up to three times more than the official fees so you are fully protected.

What is the Best Dog Insurance in Germany?

Here are our top picks for the best dog liability and health insurance providers in Germany.

1. Getsafe

Getsafe is a popular option for expats. Their services, contract, and website are all available in English. Their customers seem to be happy with their customer service and their app’s usability. You can check their customer’s reviews in Google Reviews.

Starting at 2,40 euros a month with no deductible, Getsafe offers dog liability insurance for up to 50 million euros in damages. They offer a Comfort and Premium plan. The Premium plan includes bad-dept cover, in case a third party cannot financially cover damage done to you or your dog.

Getsafe dog liability insurance benefits:

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✅ Website, contract, and customer service available in English✅ Up to 50 million euros of coverage✅ No deductible possible (if desired)✅ Easy to find everything that is covered✅ Worldwide coverage – up to 5 years of being abroad✅ Cancel anytime✅ Waiver for payments up to 12 months in case of unemployment✅ Cover for all breeds possible

With our special Getsafe code, you even get a 15 euros discount. With the below link, the code is automatically applied to the Getsafe website at the end of your purchase.

2. Luko

If you wish to get your dog liability and dog health insurance from the same provider, then Luko is the only English-speaking provider offering comprehensive dog liability and health insurance. Luko is a French all-digital insurance provider, that entered the German market by taking over the former German insurance Coya.

Dog Liability Insurance

Starting at 5,99 euros a month with a no deductible option, Luko offers dog liability insurance for your furry friend for up to 30 million euros of coverage.

Luko dog liability insurance benefits:

✅ Website, contract, and customer service available in English✅ Up to 30 million euros of coverage✅ No deductible possible (if desired)✅ Worldwide coverage ✅ Cancel anytime✅ Cover for all breeds possible

Luko dog liability insurance drawbacks:

⛔️ No comprehensive T&C overview of what is covered

Dog health insurance

Luko’s pet health insurance includes surgery insurance that starts at 5,15 euros a month with the option to add a general vet cost insurance with Premium cover. Both policies start covering after a 30-day waiting period.

The maximum reimbursement starts at 1.000 euros within the first 12 months, 2.000 euros within the first 24 months, and up to the maximum of 20.000 euros per claim after the first 24 months. You have the option to reduce the 20% deductible to 0% if you wish.

Luko’s pet health insurance is available to any dog or cat owner, as they cover all breeds and even accept animals with pre-existing conditions. However, treatments for pre-existing conditions are not covered by the policy.

Luko Pet health insurance benefits:

✅ Choice of surgery only or full health cover✅ Their health insurance pays the vet costs up to 3 times the rate of the official fee schedule✅ Their surgery and vet insurance has 0 deductible in claims (with premium add-on)✅ Worldwide cover for up to 12 months✅ Insurance can be purchased for all breeds✅ Free selection of vet and clinic✅ Animals with pre-existing conditions get accepted✅ Cancel anytime✅ Easy to find everything that is covered

Luko Pet health insurance drawbacks:

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⛔️ 30-day waiting period⛔️ Staggered compensation – full cover only after 2 years


PETPROTECT is a modern German pet insurance company, which focuses on dog & cat health insurance. Even though their website and customer service are only in German, their website is pretty simple and straightforward. What is super cool is that they include free consultation calls via FirstVet, in case you have a question regarding your dog’s health, without needing to visit a clinic, if it is not urgent.

PETPROTECT offers three different dog health & surgery insurance plans starting at 29,90 euros a month with a 40% deductible. If you want to lower the deductible the monthly premium of course increases. Each plan also offers a one-time health flat rate which you can use for preventive health measures, such as vaccinations, worming, flea and tick prevention, etc.

Here is an overview of the three different dog health insurance plans:

There is a maximum reimbursement of costs within the first two years from the start of the insurance contract depending on the chosen plan.

PETPROTECT dog health insurance benefits:

✅ Their health insurance pays the vet costs up to 4 times the rate of the official fee schedule✅ Their surgery and vet insurance has 0 deductible in claims (with exclusive)✅ During a temporary stay abroad, insurance cover also exists worldwide for up to 6 months (vet receipts must be translated to English or German).✅ Insurance can be purchased for all breeds✅ Free selection of vet and clinic✅ Sign-ups for dogs up to 9 years of age are possible✅ Free video consultations via FirstVet✅ Immediate insurance cover – no waiting times✅ Cancel anytime (unless you had a claim the first 24 months)✅ Easy to find everything that is covered

PETPROTECT dog health insurance drawbacks:

⛔️ Website & customer service only in Germany⛔️ Staggered compensation – full cover only after 2 years


The insurance coverage you should choose depends on your personal wishes and financial situation.

If you are solely looking for dog liability insurance in English, Getsafe is your best choice.

For pet health insurance or a combination of pet health and dog liability insurance from the same provider, Luko is your best choice with English-speaking customer support.

Happy pet insurance hunting! We hope your dog remains healthy! 🐶

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