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Compare car insurance rates for 350+ car models from every major car brand from Acura to Volvo and learn what you can expect to pay in 2021

When determining your rates, car insurance providers analyze much more than just your driving record and ZIP code. Their intricate algorithms also crunch the claims and accident records on the exact make and model of the car you intend to insure. Compare car insurance rates, discounts and coverage for your car model to find the best deal.

Compare car insurance by make and model

Get car insurance quotes for your car’s make and model

What’s my car’s make and model?

Make and model are common phrases you’ll hear when shopping for car insurance or a new car. Your car’s manufacturer or brand is called the make, like Ford or Toyota. Think about the maker, who created the car. The model of your car is the name of the kind of car you have. For example, Honda makes models like the Accord or Civic, which offer different features, including body style and upgrade options.

If you’re not sure which model you drive, you can often find out by looking at the back of your car. Or read your car’s instruction manual or vehicle registration certificate.

How car make and model affects insurance rates

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Your car’s make, model and trim directly affects how much you’ll pay for car insurance because insurers use this information to determine your car’s worth, safety features and how expensive it may be to repair. For example, an expensive luxury car model costs more to repair compared to a standard model, which results in higher premiums.

  • Vehicle MSRP. Pricier cars typically cost more to repair due to custom, foreign or premium parts, which generally result in higher insurance premiums. You might also need higher coverage maximums to cover claims, which means you’ll pay more for coverage.
  • Safety ratings. Safer cars get into accidents less frequently and cost less to repair. That means fewer claims on average — and more savings for you.
  • Likelihood of theft. Some cars, like the Honda Accord and Chevy Impala, are frequently targeted by thieves. This drives up the price of insurance.
  • Sportiness. Most drivers are more likely to drive fast in a sportier car, which makes these drivers at higher risk of getting in a collision. Convertibles tend to have higher theft rates as well, since soft tops can be easier to steal.

Does my car’s body type affect insurance?

Yes, the specific trim and body type can also raise or lower your rates.

Convertibles, sports cars and SUVs tend to be more expensive to insure. Soft top convertibles are easier to break into. It’s too tempting not to drive fast in a sports car, and this gives them a higher risk of being involved in a crash.

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If you opt for an upgraded trim or a few extra features, changes are that raised your car’s MSRP. Springing for heated seats or a fancy sound system wouldn’t typically be enough to change insurance rates significantly, but insuring a car with several thousand dollars in upgrades might raise your rates enough to matter.

Which makes and models are cheaper to insure?

In general, the cheaper the car, the cheaper your insurance rates. Safer, cheaper cars present less risk to an insurer because they’re safer in a crash and tend to have cheaper replacement parts. Japanese manufacturers like Honda, Toyota and Subaru are often at the top of the list of cheapest cars to insure, while luxury and sports cars made by BMW and Buick land on the pricier side of insurance rates.

Car insurance rates by car type

Your car’s make, model, trim and model year affect your rates. Even in an expensive state for car insurance like New York, a few popular models stand out for their high safety and low car insurance rates.

Cheapest car models to insure

RankMake and modelAverage monthly premium1Chrysler Pacifica$1322Honda Odyssey$1323Toyota Tundra$1354Honda Pilot$1375Subaru Outback$1396Subaru Forester$1417Toyota Tacoma$1428Subaru WRX$1449Honda Fit$14510Volkswagen Golf R$145

Car insurance rates by model

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Compare average car insurance rates for new cars for the top 400+ car models.

How does my car’s trim affect car insurance?

The make and model of the car you drive is the biggest factor that determines your insurance rates, but even your car’s trim level can affect rates. The trim level of your car is specific to your model. For example, the Mini Cooper S and JCW include higher end specs and a higher end price than the standard trim Mini Cooper. You’ll also get more horsepower and sport seats with this fancier trim level.

Model Year, Make and ModelTrim LevelAverage MSRPYearly Insurance Premiums2019 Toyota CamryL$24,095$9562019 Toyota CamryLE$24,600$9562019 Toyota CamrySE$25,800$9562019 Toyota CamryXLE V4$29,175$1,0272019 Toyota CamryXSE V4$29,725$1,4112019 Toyota CamryXLE V6$34,300$1,0392019 Toyota CamryXSE V6$34,850$990

Bottom line

Shopping for car insurance can be difficult, and comparing rates by car can help you narrow down your decision. Rates can change drastically based on which car you drive, so compare insurance to find the best deal for your ride.

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