The 7 Best Places to Order Checks Online of 2022

The best places to order checks online offer great value. ... Best Customization: Walmart Checks. Walmart. Buy on Walmart is not only a 

Final Verdict

When ordering checks without going through your actual bank, you should choose a company that’s reputable and affordable. Checks In The Mail (view at Checks In The Mail) is a reliable choice, with ample check designs, a low minimum order requirement, and competitive pricing. If you’re looking for more unique check designs, it’s tough to beat Walmart Checks (view at Walmart Checks), which offers a great deal on custom-designed checks.

What to Look for in Places to Order Checks Online


The best vendors offer checks with a variety of styles and designs, security features, and options for personal and business customers. It’s important to find one that fits your needs, whether you want checks with licensed designs of your favorite characters, pop culture icons, or sports teams.


Saving money is really the key benefit of ordering checks online versus just going directly through your bank. Whether you write a few checks per month or are a business owner who needs hundreds of checks, make sure to compare prices between major online sellers. Also, consider the minimum number of checks in an order; if you rarely use checks, you wouldn’t want to order them in bulk that could outlast how long you keep that bank account open.

Shipping Times

Even though people are used to ordering items online and getting them delivered quickly, with checks, expect it to take a few weeks for them to arrive. Be sure to carefully review the delivery time estimates when you order checks online (some sites have better turnaround times than others). Ideally, you want to give yourself plenty of time when you order, but if you’re running low, pay close attention to shipping schedules.


What do you need to order checks online?

When ordering checks online, grab one of your existing checks since you’ll need some key information: your bank, account number, and routing number. The routing and account numbers run along the bottom of a check.

If you don’t have a check to refer to, you can go online to your bank account or call your bank to get what you need. Along with your account information, you’ll need to share what information you want to appear on the checks including your name, business name (if applicable), and contact information (optional).

What are secure or high-security checks?

All checks have some built-in security, starting with the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) font that’s used for the account and routing numbers. This computerized font allows checks to be read by machines, but it’s also what prevents people—and counterfeiters—from printing checks on their own.

In addition, some checks have other enhanced security features. This may include visible and invisible fluorescent fibers, chemically sensitive paper, heat-sensitive (or thermochromic) ink, holograms, and watermarks.

What’s the difference between single and duplicate checks?

Though most people will choose single checks for personal use, duplicate checks are also available for those who want a copy of their checks. Duplicate checks have a thin carbon copy sheet behind each check, so you’ll always have a copy for your records. These are more expensive than single checks and aren’t as popular now that many people rely on digital recordkeeping. But it’s still worth considering for small businesses that may prefer paper records.

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