What Car Should I Buy? This 100% Relevant Quiz Can Help You

· This What car should I buy quiz is a 100% reliable tool that helps you choose the dream vehicle based on your personality, interests, 
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This What car should I buy quiz is a 100% reliable tool that helps you choose the dream vehicle based on your personality, interests, and budget.

What Car Should I Buy?

Okay, the title is cumbersome. But it’s true. You need to ask questions to figure out what you like/want. And that’s sometimes the most challenging part. Many Americans don’t even know what questions to ask. And those who know sometimes find them somewhat confusing.

That’s when a ‘before you buy’ quiz comes in handy. The QuizExpo test is meant to clear up your mind. The questions reveal your desires and needs. And the results contain useful suggestions based on who you are. So, why not give it a try?

4 Pieces of Expert Advice on How to Decide What Car to Buy

A ‘what car should I buy quiz’ is more of a complementary tool. You can never rely on it to purchase a vehicle. (We’re aware of that). So, here are 5 tips on how to find your dream car—besides taking quizzes.

1- Word of Mouth Matters the Most (Yes, It Does)

According to, 52% of potential buyers believe that word of mouth can change their minds. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (except you’re a low-grade manufacturer). Why wouldn’t you trust your family, friends, coworkers, and honest reviewers?

It’s not a good idea to ask others about their experiences. But here’s a pro tip, don’t ever say, “what car should I buy?” in front of a geek. Otherwise, you have to have at least several hours of free time to listen to their lecture.

2- There IS an Average Fuel, Maintenance, And Insurance Cost

A budget is more than how much you pay to buy a car. A vehicle comes with lots of consistent and hidden costs. Obviously, there are fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs. But how to figure out what’s the norm? Well, here’s a lending hand:

· You should pay an average of $1,500 (approx.) for annual insurance in the US.

· Annual maintenance costs are about $8,500 in the states.

· You will be paying approximately $37,000 for gas (each year).

So, that’s nearly $50K of annual expenses. It’s almost like you’re buying a new automobile each year. So, choose your next vehicle wisely. Avoid any extra fees due to unnecessary options. Pick a car that serves you—not the one which enslaves you.

3- The Statistics Are the New Bible

Numbers are like bible verses. They lend a hand when the darkness is calling on you. But seriously, they help. Here we have some of the most beneficial ones listed for you. (statistics credit: STATISTA).

– Toyota is the most valuable brand in the US.

– People are buying Ford more than any other brand.

– Chevrolet and Jeep are following Ford when it comes to best-sellers.

– BMW sells the most luxury cars in the US.

– Tesla has sold over 130 thousand new vehicles in the third quarter of 2020

– Americans who bought Lexus and Cadillac are the happiest

– You need more than 700 credit scores to buy a new car and 600+ for a used one.

4- This Is America – So Buy a Car Accordingly

The US has more than 20 vehicle manufacturers. Plus, there are over 50 unique vehicle brands available. So, it’s understandable if you’d ask what car I should buy. But the diversity of choices is a good thing. You need to know what you need and why you need it.

Take a look at these numbers:

· The US has over 168,000 gas stations.

· It also has about 26,000 charging centers.

· It’s estimated that more than 273.6 million Americans have a vehicle.

· You waste 2 days of each 365 days due to heavy traffic.

· 76% of US residents drive to work each day.

· A high-speed vehicle uses more fuel.

The above statistics might sound irrelevant. However, they can tell what car to buy. According to the first two bullets, it’s more reasonable to avoid a hybrid vehicle—unless you live in California. It’s also best to avoid buying a vehicle at all. That’s because it would save you time and money. It also makes more sense to purchase a regular sedan over sports ones—because they consume less fuel.

Can a Quiz Tell Me What Car Should I Buy? Yes and No

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Okay, the short answer is no. But wait. That’s not all. The QuizExpo test is more than a “what-should-I-do list.” It’s more of a personality quiz with 100% accurate results. So, it’s not the ultimate guide. But it’s beneficial. Give it a try to see it for yourself. It only takes 3-5 min. to complete.

The Questions Are Beneficial

Buyers’ questions are mostly simple. They might only ask, “how to decide what car should I get?” or “what SUV should I buy?”

But such queries are not useful. QuizExpo test aims to ask essential questions. The goal is to reveal your needs and desires. That’s how you can find out what car you should buy.

The Results Are Eye-Opening

We have several best-selling and popular automobiles to offer you. But we do that cautiously. The results are based on your personality. And the suggestions open your eyes. You might not end up buying the same vehicle. But they will indeed show you the suitable options.

How Does the QuizExpo ‘What Car Should I Buy’ Quiz Work?

First, we studied the behavior of car buyers in the US. Next, our team created a questionary according to the common traits. And finally, we managed to generate suggestions based on the potential buyer’s answers.

The results include family-friendly cars, sports cars, sedans, and minivans.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    Which statement sounds more reasonable to you?

    • My car is like my suite—I want it to look perfect

    • I don’t need to marry my car! It just has to work properly

    • A car is like my second home. Or at least it has to feel like that.

    • The perfect car is the one that all my family loves—not just me.

  • Question 2

    I remember imagining how my dream car should look like. It was like____________________.

    • The fastest car in the neighborhood

    • A perfectly balanced car. I could rely on it.

    • The most adventurous thing ever!

    • One word, S.P.A.C.I.O.U.S

  • Question 3

    IMO, you should not spend more than_______________ to buy a car.

    • $30,000

    • $50,000

    • $80,000

    • $100,000

  • Question 4

    Horsepower is EVERYTHING when it comes to buying a car.

    • I don’t think so. It’s not a racing car, anyway.

    • Hell Yeah! What else do you need in a car?

    • It’s not “everything,” but it matters.

    • I don’t know. It’s never been a priority to me.

  • Question 5

    What does having a car mean to you?

    • It’s like having another pair of legs. I go everywhere in my car.

    • It’s like my child. It’s definitely something more than a vehicle.

    • My dream car is what I need to set me free…

    • Having a car would make my life easier. And that means a lot to me.

  • Question 6

    The perfect car engine is the one that________________

  • Question 7

    How much do you know about car repair?

    • I’m like an expert. I grew up with cars.

    • I know enough to never feel sorry for myself.

    • I have no time to learn about that.

    • Not much. But I’d like to learn.

  • Question 8

    Which word describes your dream vehicle better?

    • Attractive

    • Friendly

    • Comfortable

    • Stable

  • Question 9

    How extended is your family?

    • It’s just me and myself

    • 2

    • 3-4

    • 5-7 (or more)

  • Question 10

    Imagine you enter a car for the first time. What grabs your attention right away?

    • The steering wheel

    • The seats

    • The look and smell of the cabin

    • Nothing, TBH

  • Question 11

    You bought your dream car yesterday. What’s the first place you want to drive?

    • I’d visit my parents (or other family members)

    • Nowhere. I have to drive to work

    • I’d rather find a nice spot to test its power

    • I would probably drive to the nearest park or go camping

  • Question 12

    I drive less than_____ miles per month.

    • 15

    • 20

    • 25

    • 35

  • Question 13

    How much time would you rather spend on your car’s maintenance?

  • Question 14

    Who will be paying for your car?

    • My parents, obviously

    • No one but me

    • Me and my spouse

    • None of the above

  • Question 15

    How’d you feel if your car was damaged?

    • I’d feel terrible. I don’t even want to think about it.

    • I’d feel sorry. But I’d see the bright side—everyone is okay.

    • I wouldn’t stop thinking about the upcoming expenses.

    • Well, it’s how life is. Accidents are part of it. So, F it.

  • Question 16

    Which country builds the greatest cars (in your opinion)?

    • USA

    • Germany

    • Japan

    • South Korea

  • Question 17

    Which of the following speed limits make you feel better?

    • 300 MPH

    • 150 MPH

    • 100 MPH

    • Less than 100 MPH

  • Question 18

    How much are you willing to pay for car insurance (annually)?

    • Whatever it costs

    • Around $1,000 sounds okay

    • Less than $1,000

    • I’m not sure

  • Question 19

    Which of the following pictures makes you feel comfortable?

    • What Car Should I Buy? This 100% Relevant Quiz Can Help You 19

    • What Car Should I Buy? This 100% Relevant Quiz Can Help You 20

    • What Car Should I Buy? This 100% Relevant Quiz Can Help You 21

    • What Car Should I Buy? This 100% Relevant Quiz Can Help You 22

  • Question 20

    What part of the process of buying a new car sounds like a real-deal challenge to you?

    • Budgeting

    • Finding the right car

    • Keeping others satisfied

    • Buying a car is not challenging at all

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